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Not feeling too creative this week.Private blog getting more action.MIL away for a few days.Having a lazy few days.Have a bunch of posts in my drafts but no will to correct them.MIL is being absolutely vile!Eh…story of my life…moving on!Really excited for tomorrow and scared too! Assessment appointment for Twinkies with Speech Pathologist.Just hoping and praying don’t get any bad news.I know i know,it’s not a big deal!At least it isn’t something serious.But for years I had looked at other kids and wished to have my own but only on the condition(well yes…was bargaining with God)that since I’m getting them this late,they better be perfect.Otherwise can wait.So if I have them,then it means they are perfect.hmmmm….I sound drunk.Which am not!Just haven’t had much sleep.
Everyone sleeping.Why am I not doing chores?Oh that’s right,am lazing around.better vaccuum and mop.Baby M scooting already and tends to pick things up.Oh and on a second note,what kind of mother allows her 5-year-old to feed a 6 month old POP CORN(the lady I met a Paedritician.Thank God,I am ever so vigilant.Still breaking into cold sweat about what could have happened!!!Long story short…I was fending of usual questions,wow twins really?both boys?well yes!How do you manage.Wow another baby.You must be supermom.Yes Yes…tell that to my MIL who thinks I’m lacking every department.Sudden;y,noticed her 5-year-old putting something in baby M’s mouth who was gurgling happily.WTF!hey hey kiddo.Don’t do that!Lady tried putting her finger in baby M’s mouth to fish it out!I was all are you kidding me?!!?!?No time to wash hands.I whip out a clean wash cloth and took 3 pieces.Am still enraged.Can u tell??)best go enough insanity and Baby M is up!


What do you say!

Time for some bad poetry!!
What do you say to a woman
who is bone tired and so weary
what do you say to a woman
who has been sick for weeks,
who is manages everything while you are off gallivanting to God knows where
what do you say to a woman,
who has a earache so bad
that her head feels as if a million pounds
what do you say to a woman
who cooked,cleaned,did everything despite that
who chugged OJ and Tylenol
not once succumbing to her heartfelt desire to lie on floor
and have a tantrum,
what do you say ??
what do you say to a woman
who has been listening to your mom spouting off
all day long,
Even though it made earache oh-so-bad
who went on being an obedient(read door-mat) in spite of all that
what do you say honey ?
you take a look at your dinner,grimace and reluctantly eat a few bite
and say
“When are you going to learn to cook?”
Hate him!!

it’s the ones who seem nice…..

am very disillusioned!hate people who dump their vile words on unsuspecting public.If you are sick or have a newborn baby with twins don’t crap on me!No am not talking about myself!!!Am refering to someone who tried to make me feel bad by comparing her life to mine.Am too nice to write here incase some one reads this.
Balls!Am the only person who reads it so…..
Baby very colicky.
S and R have metamorphosed into little devils.Have developed un-explainable aversion of car seats.coaxing,bribing etc etc have all failed.When it’s freaking cold outside and two rigid toddlers screaming their heads off,snot flying around and a very colicky baby making his voice heard too,we resort to forcibly putting them in car seats.With a constant commentary from MIL.
I have patience of a saint!I rock!!!
(Note to self:remind yourself this when you are rocking the baby at 3 in the morning and crying!!)

40 weeks

40 weeks and big as a not ready to come out.boys have decided to be more physical.With each other and myself.I find my self lacking at every turn.MIl is here to “help” but OMG driving me insane.Talks way to much.One of my biggest peeve is when people talk over shows I like to watch.Husband doesn’t get along with her so he escapes,leaving me with twin terrors.
Boys I love but give mommy a break.Thanks….

ho hum!!!

Hubby aka bastardhead is in danger of dying a painful death!He is being utterly impossible and I have had it.ugh!!!
In other news,I have failed Glucose Test!I did with the twins too.Fail I mean.I failed the next one but passed the next one.I’m not too worried even if I fail,such is the hopelessness i feel:(
SIL had a baby girl.All natural birth and 17 hours of labor.What a trooper.She did kick her husband out though;)
S is big on tantrum these days.If he doesn’t get his way it’s meltdown all the way!R has started to bite again.Don’t know what’s going on.Am a bit worried about the new baby.As to where will I keep him?S can climb all surfaces,I swear!
you know the crib slats,he can climb in and out with great ease.Big toe and 2nd toe apart he can brace himself.I have to lock bedroom door during the day otherwise am scared he might fall on his head(God forbid).
I need suggestions to routine their day,any one??Some one?hrmmmphhh

Paid up again!

It was that time of the year again.The one that reminds me that the two little energizer bunnies running around ,wrecking havoc didn’t come free.I was faced with the difficult decision,to pay or not to pay for Embryo maintenance.ever since,Husband has been made redundant,we haven’t been rolling in cash lately.Hair appointments are widely spaced(besides I don’t have the time or energy to go),no more splurging etc etc so he was a bit angry at my head-in-sand behaviour.
Our options were to let them be taken out of freezing and just let them…welll..finish outside or to donate them either to childless couples or for science.But in the end,I was too selfish to do that and a sentimental fool to let them thaw and die away.I kept thinking of them not as mere cells but mini S and R.I know,crazy huh?
I am a trained professional in medical field,I have had couple of Medical College years under my belt too(I got bored,somehow i wasn’t motivated enough).I know they are just cells at this point and not actual babies but still I couldn’t pull the plug.So I have 1 more year of deciding what to do.
Another thing that my Ob/GYN proposed was to have FET few years down the line.ummm…the way this pregnancy has been going…I think that I might be done.but that’s what i said last time.And look what happened!
Am 24 weeks today….geez another one in just 3 months….still scaring the heebie-jeebies out of me.
MIL away,life’s good.Husband still a bastard-head(but I still love him)S and R my pride,my joy,my little munch kins love baby(i.e my belly very much.Have been calling their tummies as baby.Very embarrassing!)

I love everybody:))

No no this isn’t going to be one of those posts where I vomit sunshine.Just that took shower after 4 days and am tempted to leave loving,soppy comments on everyone’s blog.Why am I not looking after the twin terrors and punctuating?’Cause they are busy giving themselves pasta sauce facials,am stuffing my face too.New baby only likes spicy Chinese food:(Thai chillies are my best friend.Soak some in vinegar and have with everything(grapes,apples,scones etc)Have finally conquered the laundry mountain and put it away as well.Took a 2 hour nap today was sleeping when was woken up by smalls hands on the face,melted on the spot.Was kissed awake by S,who was wailing in his crib and was rescued by hubby who had come in.This is the kid who can climb over this,has done it since he was 11 month old.

I shudder to think what he would have done,had hubby not walked in that minutes.Probably climb down the crib or something,while R was peacefully snoozing.He is a good baby most times.I love them both to bits.In case that wasn’t clear.That and the fact that am unhinged.
best go now,am being pelleted by baby cutlery.