Hooligans in my house!

Who has taken my manageable twins and left me with these masses of flailing arms and screaming fiends??It’s been so cold outside and we have no activity what so ever.They went to play group and returned with nasty stomach bugs.Am scared t o take them again.MIL is trying to send me to an early grave.All she does is talk and while she does keep an eye on them(so that she can tell me and their mischief,it inevitably saves their lives as they are prone to jumping from every damn thing!!)
SILs make major life decisions and I’m not told.I have no problems with that.But stop being Saints!MIL covers up so much for them.Lady,I have no problems with them not telling me stuff,in fact I couldn’t care less.Please I don’t need to hear how it’s ok for them to do that all day long.She is really pushing buttons…oh man the list is too long.Tonight R was being naughty and did something,she yelled so much and escalated the situation that R was yelled at by husband and sent to naughty corner by me because he lost it and was trying to hit me(they both are hitting me!Whats up with that??I never hit!Husband doesn’t…so WTF?)Afterwards,as he sat sobbing in the naughty spot,she blamed us(read me) for raising him like this???really??really??
Am too mad now,more later…


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