Mixed feelings!

I have been busy with bunch of other stuff.Remember R,my sweet boy.I called a speech therapist who asked me a bunch of questions and then hinted that their might be something wrong with him.It was dark few days.Until I called the number she gave me.That lady there asked me specific questions and told me there is nothing wrong with him.HE IS JUST A SLOW TALKER!!!Exactly!
Whenever he says stuff,he says it clearly.But he would much rather not talk.He like playing with his brother.He is bright and he is kind of brainy.Going over baby gates,yea he know how to go over them.Outlet covers,he knows how to take them out.In short,thanks to MIL,I had horrendous few days analyzing my boy.And crying.A lot.And unloading on my poor mum.And making her cry.Gosh!
Although,it was mutually decided that boys need more outside exposure.I’m unable to got out because MIL suddenly doesn’t want to be left behind!!!The things I have heard,I would never say to anyone.She is a mean lady.Before I had kids,I used to be all there for her.Now i can’t and that pisses her off.I didn’t want to be that DIL,the one who dislikes her MIL.We got on excellent terms before S,R and M arrived.And now I just can’t seem to do anything right.Suddenly husband made a bad choice etc.
Am just tired.i should be happy,listening to gurgles etc instead,I cry because am a bad mother,bad wife,bad daughter-in-law,bad house keeper etc.
on a cheerier note,had my periods so yay.Never thought I would hear myself saying that!


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